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A tip of the ol' 7-Time National Championship ballcap to the magnanimous John Clay. He linked this blog post which uses Google's Insights for Search tool to determine which state most frequently searches for basketball. Of course Kentucky wins! Why else would I be posting about it?

The results are normalized; while Kentucky may not have the highest number of searches for "basketball", it has the highest percentage of persons inside the state searching for "basketball" compared to other states. Kansas, North Carolina and Indiana round out the Final Four.

So, within Kentucky, which city has the highest percentage of searches for University of Kentucky basketball? I set up an analysis involving the search terms "kentucky basketball", "university of kentucky basketball" and "uk basketball":

A disclaimer: I have no idea how Google determines the location. Its very possible that Internet traffic from south-eastern Kentucky would be lumped into London's results if the primary web hosting lines originate in London. That being said, I think its hilarious that our state capital leads the state in percentage of Internet searches for Kentucky basketball. (Your tax money at work!) Mad props to my real-life uncle and his white-collar friends in the Owensboro area for beating out Lexington.

A few other "related" searches:

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