Maybe the Best Madness Visitor

Maybe the Best Madness Visitor

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wall.jpeg Much attention has been focused in the last few days on which big men will be coming to Madness on Friday, and rightly so. For if Kentucky is going to be able to complete its 2008 recruiting class with a solid finish, a big man is more than necessary. However the likely best PLAYER that will be at Madness is yet another little guy....Raleigh, NC point guard John Wall. Wall is the kind of player that makes scouts and fans drool. Quick as lightning, good shooter, great leaper and a passing ability that is beyond his age. Many already rate him as the best point guard in his class and he has the advantage of upward momentum that is making people fall more in love with him the more they say him.....a very good quality to have. He is currently listed at 6'4", although descriptions of his height vary. But what doesnt vary is the nearly unanimous praise of his game, as seen by the fact that virtually every team in the nation is looking for his services, including a few in his home Triangle area. This will be Wall's second visit to UK's campus, an impressive accomplishment for Billy Clyde considering the first visit was just in September. He picked the opportunity to go to the Cats' Madness over that of other top teams and thus his interest in the Cats is more than sincere. So when you are at Rupp on Saturday and chanting for the big recruits....dont just mention Singleton or the other 2008 guys.....remember Wall as well....he may be the best player in the building.

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