McElwain called the UK film the "quickest reel in the history of ball"

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screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-1-02-09-pm When talking about his upcoming opponent after yesterday's practice, Florida head coach Jim McElwain had some really good things to say about the Kentucky offense and its personnel. He also said the Cats' game film from last Saturday was a quick watch, leaving him wondering what happened to the rest of it. The full quote, via McElwain's press conference:
"These guys are an explosive offense now. I don't know how much you watched them or anything, but they have unbelievable skill. They've got some wide-outs that can go get it. They throw it. They challenge you. They play at a pretty good pace and tempo. You know, the other team last week, they were going up and down the field until they didn't get opportunities. What did they have, only about 15 plays or something in the second half? That was the quickest reel to watch in the history of ball. When you're going to that, you're like, 'Now wait a minute, where's the rest of it?' But they definitely know what they're doing and they've done a really good job there in recruiting. They've got good players."
Positive spin-zone: Kentucky's offense didn't give the Florida staff a lot of film to scout. McElwain and his assistants only got to see a highlight reel of home run throws and a run here and there from Boom Williams. They don't have a clue what's in the playbook now. Let's say this was Mark Stoops' strategy the whole time, to only take 14 snaps in the second half to keep the whole arsenal under wraps. Yeah. That's what happened. That was a calculated move all along, only the defense was supposed to hang onto that 25-point lead. Good luck stopping the Cats now, Jim!

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