Meaty weekend of football starts tonight

Meaty weekend of football starts tonight

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season.jpg We're well aware of what can happen to the Cats if they decide to nap on Miss St. Still, we've finally caught our breath after three weeks of brutality, allowing us to focus on the rest of the college football manscape. This week's docket is loaded with conference ramification and BCS innunendo, and it begins tonight in Blacksburg, Va. On a more serious note, I wonder if Lincoln Financial will ever accrue enough said finances to invest in HD technology instead of shooting the feed through an overhead projector. I'm sure they can use one of Dave Baker's ears as a satellite. It's time to start thinking about upping the ante on advertising, LF. Someone get Al Purnell a subsidy. ACC Championship: (2) Boston College @ (8) Virginia Tech---Let's face it, it's very difficult to believe in BC. It is BC, and this is football, and Al Skinner will not be there to look angrily confused as he wipes away the spit from his textbook stache. As with OSU, it's only a matter of time until BC falls (right?), and Lane Stadium is probably the toughest out this year in what is proving to be one the worst BCS Conferences ever. This place will be Tiger Stadium loud...assuming Tech can execute their standard punt/FG block on cue. QB Matt Ryan is the Heisman-du-jour, conversely, Tech may be without neo-Vick QB Tyrod Taylor. Their backup is garbage, so that will certainly play right into BC and their solid D. As if you'd watch anything else on a Thurs. night (The Office, Always Sunny in Philly, notwithstanding), Tech coach Frank Beamer has a pretty good sales pitch: "I think this is going to be a violent game." Works for me. Line: Va Tech -3 ESPN 7:30 the gist of BC football, part of a complete breakfast Big (1)0 (1) Ohio St @ (25) Penn St---Yes, we all want Ohio State to fail their first "real" test of the season, but I wouldn't count on it. The Yuengling-drenched fans in Happy Valley will certainly give this young group of Buckeyes some trouble, however, the actual football team will not. Someone wake Joe Paterno when this is, seriously, someone put their finger under that sickle of a shnoz of his and make sure he's breathing. Alright Bucks, let's see if you're for real. Line: OSU -4 ABC 8:00 ohiosucks.jpg Does anyone else...? Pac10 Final Four: (12) USC @ (5) Oregon---The winner is a legit National Title contenda, while the losing school sets their sights on volleyball season. Line: Oregon -3 FSN 3:00 (21) Cal @ (4) Arizona State---Come on, ASU at #4? Handle it, Cal. Line: ASU -3 FSN 10:00 Atlanta elimination games: (11) Florida vs. (18) Georgia---UGA coack Mark Richt has pretty much had his way with rival SEC coaches during his tenure, except of course in the cocktail party (UF has won 15 of the last 17). I wouldn't expect Tebow to be too hampered, as you must be human in order to feel pain. UGA will be without Sr. RB's Kregg Lumpkin and Thomas Brown, puttin the load on tireless frosh Knowshon Moreno. Line: Florida -8.5 ESPN 3:30 (16) South Carolina @ Tennessee---A lot of implication in this showdown in Neeyland between two embarrassed ball clubs. A Vol loss will not only eliminate the O'nge from a desperate shot at the East, it just might be the final death knell for Fulmer. A Cox loss will open things back up in the East, with the Gators in the driver's seat. We all know Ainge is still playing, but is anyone else on this team? Line: UT -3 ESPN 7:45 Kentucky needs a Florida loss, and as sacrelidge as it seems, a UT win to put themselves right back in the SEC forefront. Big East Playoff: Who would've thought the battle for the Big East (ok, more shoving match than a battle) would hinge on (10) South Florida @ (23) UConn? The other dog in the fight will be decided between (7) West Virginia @ Rutgers. Line: USF -4.5 ABC 3:30 WVU -6 ABC Noon Backyard football: New Mexico St @ (17) Hawaii---Wow, June Jones vs. Hal Mumme...there might be over 150 pass attempts combined in this one, not one of em over 5 yards. I'll bet Hal has had this one circled on his 'exotic beaches' wall calender for quite some time now, not because it's a ranked opponent with a similar scheme, rather, he finally gets to rock his go-to Tommy Bahama shirt. Line: Hawaii -28 over/under on # of hand-offs: 3.5

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