Media Approval Ratings: Rob Bromley

Media Approval Ratings: Rob Bromley

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rororoor After a short hiatus, the media approval ratings are back with a vengeance, in the form of Rob Bromley. Oh Rob Bromley....fodder for so many jokes over the years here at Kentucky Sports Radio that it almost seems unfair to bring him up in this setting. Unfair, maybe....but it wont stop us because Rob is a fountain of comedy that always overfloweth. Bromley has been a central figure on WKYT and UKTV telecasts since the days of Bill Spivey, always being counted on to report useless facts and mundane commentary to the masses. While possessing the Dick Clark gene that allows him to have the same face and hair no matter the age, Rob also has not lost his zest for giving the fans that lack of insight that they so desire on game day. Rob began his tour de force a couple years ago with his "Inside the Huddle" commentaries that give viewers the ability to learn absolutely nothing about the game ahead. An example of an "Inside The Huddle" report: Bromley: I just went inside the huddle and Tubby Smith has drawn up a play in which Bradley will inbound the ball to Perry, who will kick outside to Obrzut for a 35 foot heave. Other announcer: Uh, Rob....Kentucky is on defense....Perry and Obrzut graduated and Billy Gillispie is the coach. Bromley: I will learn more at the next break! Still yet, Rob has his pros and cons, just like anyone else: PROS: --- Continues to be employed by WKYT....keeping a job is important in this economy. --- Always has a smile on his face on camera....important in today's "rough and tumble" media world. --- Hair that would make Brian Williams put with envy. CONS: --- Sports knowledge. I am not going to go into much detail, but word on the street is that even Chris Cross wonders how he got his job. --- Not exactly the edgiest person in the world. When Rob talks, you can guarantee that NO ONE in America will be offended. Even Rich Little thinks he could work a little more blue. --- "Inside the Huddle"....I considered making this a "pro" because Rob's ability to incorrectly predict the next sequence of events is a highlight of every UK-Liberty game that I have ever seen. In the end, Bromley has to be a "no". But like the Joker to Batman, Bromley may be someone we need to help us appreciate what we have. Over the years, Rob Bromley has given me countless hours of entertainment, whether it be through Hubby's dead-on impersonation or our use of "to Bromley" as a verb "Nice job on that putt...way to Bromley it right by the hole." He is (and will always be) a fixture of all things for that Rob, I still vote no, but I do salute you. Give your comments below and vote in the poll to the right.....

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