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Welcome back to the Media Weekend Forecast! I'm your Mediaologist Brad Morris. The past couple of weeks has been spent under the sweet summer sun with the rug rats, but playtime is almost over. It's time to get back into the swing of things. So let us look upon what to watch this weekend. Netflix: 13 Going On 30 Why To Watch: It is hard to believe this rom-com is 13 years old itself this year. Following a similar formula to Big, Jenna Rink wakes up one morning going from, you guessed it, 13 to 30. Much like Tom Hanks Josh, Jennifer Garner's Jenna has a sweet innocence to her that makes for awkward encounters and retro music choices. Because unlike Big, the time that Jenna has aged has actually passed. This movies plot is simple, but for some reason has assumed somewhat of a cult following. While I'm not a huge watcher of rom-com's, 13 Going On 30 is one that can be watched over and over again. Hulu: Ace Ventura-Pet Detective  Why To Watch: Jim Carrey took his TV success and parlayed it into his first leading role as Ace Ventura. The completely over the top sleuth is tasked with finding the missing Miami Dolphins mascot Snowflake just before the Dolphins play in the Super Bowl (I know, total fantasy). Ace Ventura walks a fine line of over the top zaniness from Carrey, and famous one-liners. I still catch people making an off handed comment that can be traced back to Ace. So enjoy this laugher again. AMC: Turn-Washingtons Spies Why To Watch: The final season of the semi-historical series has arrived. Following the network of spies that helped General Washington in the early days of the Revolutionary War, Turn has had its ups and downs. What fascinated me about the series was having context to Benedict Arnolds treason and the politics of that time and era. Jamie Bell has been in several movies over the years, however his best work has been that as Abraham Woodhull. It'll be interesting to see where the series ends and what time period of the war we are left off on. Movies: Cars 3 Why To Watch: Ah the dreaded third movie of a trilogy. So many have fallen short over the years, from Godfather Part 3 to the Matrix Revolutions. However, this story seems to be solid from the promos. Lightenen' McQueen is in the twilight of his career and wants to capture that one last victory for himself to prove he is worthy. The villain is a mirror to McQueen from his early days. Jackson Storm is the newest car on the track and appears to be superior in every way. It will take Lightenin' and his friends to find what truly motivates him to the final checkered flag. Sports: U.S. Open Why To Watch: If there is any indication this could be a hot weekend on the golf course, one only has to look at the blimp that crashed and caught fire on Thursday. Rickie Fowler started off the tournament with a -7 under 65 and is in position to get rid of the label "best player to not have won a major". Fan favorite Bubba Watson and Kentucky's own J.B Holmes will try to bring home the crown. It's also noteworthy of Phil Mickelson withdrawing from the tournament to attend his oldest daughter's high school graduation.   That's it for this week's edition of the Media Weekend Forecast. Yours truly has another day at the beach and a few brews to get to before reality sets back in next week. Until then, I'll have my toes in the water, butt in the sand. Here's to hoping you will too this summer.

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