Meet the GTG Boyz
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Meet the GTG Boyz

Thomas Beisnerabout 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
I've found myself recently becoming addicted to the raw, powerful programming that is ESPNU. I  don't know if it's the anchors that are barely out of puberty, the often incorrect graphics or the replays of games that I wasn't interested in the first time around, but I can't stop watching it.  I love ESPNU.  It's almost like I'm having a relapse of my Sportscenter addiction of age 10, where I would watch every single episode starting at 6 am, despite there being no changes. But, like all things, nothing can be perfect and there is one major thing bothering me about this temporary break from my smack addiction. The GTG Boyz. The GTG Boyz are a hip-hop (although I hate to throw that word around with this) duo comprised of the typical douchus maximus found at Georgia Tech. They are most likely engineering majors and I bet their videos kill at those awkward math club meetings where they guys stand on one side of the rooms and the girls on the other. In fact, I bet they could have come up with a couple of solid zingers for the Middle Tennessee game in yesterday's post. But, are they really worthy of all of this national pub and should I be forced to have my "college was the greatest 7 years of my life" high ruined everyday by these chumps? I guess you can decide for yourself, but if these guys keep getting all this love, I'm going to request that Solzman's video air everyday on Headbanger's Ball. If that's still on.

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