Meet the Kentucky Sports Radio Girls --- Elizabeth

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
As we continue the series of meeting the Kentucky Sports Radio Girls, we introduce you to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the longest serving of the KSR Girls and is a huge UK fan. Below is her profile and if you want to learn more about Elizabeth you can see her Myspace Site. Welcome Elizabeth to the Kentucky Sports Radio family....(Arent we nice?) Elizabeth Age: 21 Hometown: Lawrenceburg, KY Current: Richmond, KY Reason Elizabeth wanted to be a Kentucky Sports Radio Girl: I always played sports when I was little and continued all the way through high school. Moving to college was a huge change in that sports were no longer a big part of my life. Becoming a KSR girl was great because it brought me closer to the action that I had missed! (Plus, Matt was just so convincing and suave, I couldn’t say no!) Favorite Kentucky Player: My all-time favorite player is Cameron Mills. Not only was he a significant leader in the Championship team in 1996, but he sets an amazing Christian example that is hard to find. Very admirable. My favorite player this year is Jodie Meeks, a promising, energetic freshman with great shooting abilities. Great to watch. Plus, I hear he doesn’t like scary movies…neither do I! Maybe he’d like to go see a comedy with me. = ) Favorite Kentucky team memory: My favorite memory isn’t a specific moment in a particular game… it is being at a Kentucky basketball game for the first time. I just remember the excitement in the air… Kentucky fans are the best. What you are looking forward to this year: I am simply looking forward to the opportunity to get involved in Kentucky basketball again. I’d like to see the Kentucky spirit rise up again, like it used to…when ‘Kentucky’ and ‘good basketball’ were synonymous, no questions asked. Your prediction for UK: At least sweet 16!

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