Meet the Newest Cat --- Walk on Mark Coury

by:Matt Jones08/31/06
I have to add this to start. If you didnt see Andre Agassi last night, you are truly missing out. Another CRAZY five setter, this time against Margos Baghdatis. It was absolutely amazing. You gotta tune in as this may be the last time tennis is ever good. Andre is the MAN! Going into the opening football weekend, the internet is abuzz about what recruiting. (You may be wondering why Steve Spurrier's picture is up there....well lets just say that his win last night paid for my Labor Day Weekend. Thanks Steve!) The young man's name is Mark Coury and is his picture: Now before you say anything, hang on a second. Yes he wears goggles....but as a former goggle wearer at that age, I dont think that says anything bad about him. He just has vision problems. And yes he seems a bit awkward, but didnt we all at that age? Seriously though, here are some notes on Coury as a player. Coury is a wide body, 6'8", 250 or so, a player who is a space eater. He was highly ranked as a sophomore and junior, thanks mainly to his size, but did not develop as his high school career went on. He was looking at a number of schools of the Bowling Green, Oakland, etc variety when he decided he wanted to walk on at a top school and try to make up for the time he lost in high school. He and his coach looked across the nation for teams thin at power forward, and he ended up at UK. Here are some articles about him: An excerpt from a Detroit news article: Coury, who averaged 10.2 points and 8.5 rebounds last year, is more than just a big guy inside. “Mark is strong and does a lot of dirty work, like covering the other team’s best post player,” Keener said. “But he can also shoot well with either .” Country Day was 16-2 heading into the home stretch of the regular season. Its only defeats were a 72-58 setback to Benton Harbor and a 63-55 loss to Canton Hoover of Ohio. Losing to Benton Harbor was no shame. Led by 6-7 DePaul recruit Wilson Chandler, the Tigers have been ranked No. 1 in The News’ Super 10 poll much of the year. College scouts are taking a long look at Coury during Country Day’s travels, but he isn’t doing much looking back. “My focus now is on our season, providing strong senior leadership,” he said. “Then I’ll think about playing at the next level.” An article about Coury playing against Joe Crawford's former high school Article about playoff game in which Coury's Country Day wins and he gets double double. At one point he led some division in rebounds And a wedding testimonial where another Mark Coury married a woman named Nicole. Ok look, there isnt much out there. But he is big and goofy. And when Woo leaves we wont have much of that. So I am in favor of it. You need absurdity in this world and watching Georgia have all the fun with Joey Waldrop made me want our own big goofy guy. I say bring on Mark Coury....and bring your goggles too. Fun for all!!!

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