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Tony Woods


I spoke to Tony Woods just a few minutes ago and asked him for his school list and he said, "Florida, Georgia....Kentucky just started recruiting me and I'm kinda liking them....Uconn, Alabama and that's about it."


I asked him if Florida was his leader at this point as has been rumored and he said, "Yeah, I mean, everybody wants to go to Florida (smile)."  I then asked if it was Donovan who was the reason he wanted to go to UF and he said, "Yeah...I'm actually going down there this Saturday."  When I asked about other visits, he said no others were scheduled at this point.


I asked him about his UK remarks and how that recruitment was going and he said, "Well, I don't really know the new head coach there, but they offered me a couple of weeks ago."  Tony said coach Cyprien was his contact at UK.

I got the impression that UK's involvement was new and that perhaps they were not on him super hard just yet.  Tony didn't know Cyp's name and just identified him by description.  This leads me to believe that UK is still early in this recruitment and the fact that he had such positive things to say up to this point is a good sign for UK. I do think that UF is the leader as long as Donovan is the coach at UF.  I'll be staying in touch with Wood's recruitment and updating as things move forward.

For those who have not seen Woods play, he is the most athletic center in this 2008 class.  He is great running the floor with is long, lean frame, but doesn't score much from the post due to a lack of physical play.  He is a very good rebounder and shot blocker and with some added weight, could be a VERY good player at an elite program.  He has a decent 15 footer if he catches and shoots, but if he has to make a move first, his accuracy goes way down.  It doesn't normally matter cause he tries to dunk about everything.  At one point today, his elbows were above the rim on a dunk.


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