Article written by:Duncan Cavanah

Let’s take a brief hiatus from bashing the struggling cats to take a stroll down memory lane. Whenever the Cats play Georgia, there seem to be numerous strange relationships on display. Of course, there is Tubby coaching against his former team. Formerly, there was the G.G v. Saul match up in one of the more hyped individual match ups of mediocre players in recorded history. Now, there is Dennis Felton coaching against his former player, Patrick Sparks. Of course, Felton coached Sparks against Kentucky in 2001 when Western beat the Cats in Rupp. I was thinking about this game the other day when I heard someone comment that Tubby had ruined Sparks. The person then used that game as evidence that Sparks was a great shooter at the time and had “lit Kentucky up.” Having not remembered it that way, I looked back at the box score. Sparks had four points in 22 minutes against the Cats. He went 2-8 from the field and 0-5 from the three point line. Now, I do not say this to bash Sparks. Lord knows he has given the fans ample ammo for that with his play this season. I simply thought it was interesting how memories can distort the past based on our own point of view. Thoughts??

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