Michael Sanchez speaks....

Michael Sanchez speaks....

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Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez interview from Prather Classic

I had the opportunity to watch Michael Sanchez again as he played in the final game of the evening at the Wallace Prather Memorial Classic at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Michael didn't have a super productive night due to foul trouble and a decent lead which led to rest for the starters.  He scored 8 points with two of those being free throws, but was productive in other areas for his team such as rebounding and post defense.  At one point, Michael was called for a foul for what appeared to be a semi-intentional hand to the head of an opponent.  It does seem that Michael has a bit of "Magloire" in him when he needs it. 

After the game, I was able to sit with Michael for an interview which will also be featured on www.gboahoops.com sometime later this week  (check out the site for features on Romero Osby and Courtney Fortson).  Michael was open and answered all of my questions very honestly.  This is an abbreviated transcript of the recorded interview.

 mm:  What is your current school list?

M Sanchez:  I've narrowed it down to 4 schools...Wake Forest, Kentucky Colorado and Arkansas

mm:  Do you have visits planned?

M Sanchez:  I was in Wake Forest last weekend...I've been to Arkansas a few times since they are 10 minutes from my house...I'm going to Colorado next Tuesday and then Kentucky after that.

mm:  Is Kentucky scheduled yet or do you just have plans to go?

M Sanchez:  I have graduation and then I think it's going to be the following Monday

mm:  How did your Wake Forest visit go?

 M Sanchez:  It went real well.  I like all the coaches out there and the players.  I got to play with them a bit and fit in with them a little. 

mm:  What was it about the coaches and the program?  Did they lay out any kind of plan for you?

 M Sanchez:  They said they needed a guy to come in who is aggressive and plays hard and doesn't take a play off...they said they could use me this year.

 mm:  That sounds like you...How about the hometown school, Arkansas?  They have a new coach there, John Pelphrey, have you had a chance to talk to him and figure out what he is like?

M Sanchez:  I see him all the time....I hear from him all the time...with them being 10 minutes down the road, it's kinda easy to see each other.

 mm:  You talked about Kentucky with the great tradition of that school...what do you think of them?

M Sanchez:  Coach Gillispie has been recruiting me for like, three years now.  He used to recruit me when he was at Texas A & M.  Buzz Williams recruited me and now coach Cox is recruiting me, so I mean, I've kinda been with them all through high school, so as soon as he went to Kentucky, he was still recruiting me.

 mm:  So have they said anything about playing time or coming to UK as a 2008 vs. a 2007 player

M Sanchez:  They said if I came in now, I'd get plenty of playing time as a freshman...I'd have to earn it, but that the opportunity was there.

mm:  Now, let's talk a little bit about the choices you have ahead  of you...As many people know, you were injured most of last year and didn't have the chance to show your talent very much.  You have come out the first part of this year and hit everything right in stride so you have to choose....are you going to go to college this year or are you going to go to prep school?

M Sanchez:  That's one decision I have to make after I see all the schools.  Like a month or two ago the decision was made and concrete, I was going to prep in Las Vegas but over the last month everything has sorta changed and is up in the air a bit, so I have to make that decision. 

mm:  What do you think the advantage to going prep at this point would be when you have schools like Wake Forest, Arkansas and Kentucky recruiting you?  When you have that level of attention, what would prep school really do for you?

M Sanchez:  You have to take that into consideration right now, but since I missed 8 months last summer, I was on the sidelines with this team every tournament.  I was at the NBA camp on the sidelines and at the ABCD camp on the sidelines and I couldn't do anything.  I couldn't shoot, I couldn't do any drills...for 8 months I did nothing, so I'd like to get those 8 months back to train and better myself before I go off to college.

mm:  So have you considered going to one of those 4 programs and redshirting?

M Sanchez:  That's definitely under consideration, but I couldn't just sit on the sidelines.

mm:  Alright Michael, I appreciate the interview

M Sanchez:   Thank you.


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