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pieta_michel.jpeg Today is the birthday of one of the world's true intellectual giants of history, the great Michelangelo. For many of those of my age group, our notion of Michelangelo began with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where Michelangelo joined with Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo to fight crime and give the world some "Turtle Power." But Michelangelo is much more than simply a fighting turtle. He was the creator of some of the world's most exquisite art and architecture, including the famous "touching fingers" scene extracted from the story in Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, "The Last Judgement" that was on the altar of the Chapel (showing St. Bartholomew casting judgement on Michelangelo) and of course the picture above, Pieta, which showcases Christ being held in the arms of Mary after his crucifixion. Michelangelo was a true Renaissance man in all senses of the word, showcasing skill in painting, sculpture (with the famous "David" sculpture) and architecture (creating the dome on St. Peter's Basillica. In addition, he was one of the first individuals to ever publish sonnets, predating William Shakespeare on this romantic tradition by nearly half a century. In this time of Tubby debate (none of Michelangelo's works seem to express an opinion on Tubby), such a sonnet can unify as all.... I feel as lit by fire a cold countenance That burns me from afar and keeps itself ice-chill; A strength I feel two shapely arms to fill Which without motion moves every balance Feel free to post your favorite Michelangelo memories below. With that, some late Monday notes.... (1) Today has been yet another day of national media debate on the status of Tubby Smith. Please spare all of us such a debate in the comments section (whatever your point either in favor or against Tubby, it has been made.....try something creative, like talking about something else), as even the debates in the national media are becoming tiresome. What is increasingly clear is that regardless of the resolution of the Tubby Smith question, UK fans should be very careful how they handle themselves in the coming weeks. With the media always looking for a good story, the national commentators have been focusing a great deal on the most extreme of the fanbase. Today Andy Katz, Colin Cowhered and Doug Gottlieb all went on national radio shows and criticized a video of Tubby Smith that included someone putting a firecracker in his mouth and setting it off. All used this as an example of the extremism of Kentucky fans and articulated it as a fair representation of the UK mindset. I really hope all of those who are supportive and against Tubby consider such actions in the next few weeks....the glare of the national spotlight will be on the fanbase for the next month or so. That glare will be amazingly bright if Tubby ends up leaving as UK coach. My hope is that fans will do the University and state proud and show the best of their fandom (articulate and passionate debate) and not the worst, such as seen in that video. There are those who believe Kentucky should keep Tubby or believe that it needs a change who are intelligent and thoughtful in their critiques.....dont let the idiots shout out those voices. (2) The 2008 Rivals.com updated rankings came out today and in a surprise to many of us, Draymond Green was not part of the group. I considered calling Jerry Meyer to ask him why he was left off the list and if there was critique he had of him that made him not Top 100 material. However later in the day, Jeff Drummond said that Meyer and the Rivals.com group had not seen Green play this year and thus did not have the information necessary to move him up the list. Thus the Green rating is still based on his sophomore performance and the junior season has not yet been considered. Such factors are important to remember when looking at rankings.....there are players who are simply never seen by these gurus, no matter how good they are. And often when they are seen, it is for one two to three day period in the summer. At this point, the folks in Michigan that I talk to are raving about Green, one calling him "Tubby's best recruit since Rondo." However the national noise is not there.....and it is likely because no one has seen him one way or the other. That will change this summer and we will see what effect that has on his national status. (3) As stated on here earlier today, Patrick Patterson did not commit to Florida on his visit. I spoke with his father today who said he had a good visit to Gainesville and that Patrick had a lot of fun with the players during his time down there. He said the goal was to narrow the list to three after the West Virginia state Tournament and then make a decision in mid to late April. I have seen reports of an April 3rd decision date, but none of those that I have seen have quoted Patterson directly, so I am unsure that this is firm. But either way, it will be a bit more of a wait for Pat. I still feel Florida may be a slight leader, but there are lots of variables (parent's influence, personnel turnover, coaching changes) still left out there......we all just have to continue waiting. (4) Ronald Steele is questionable for the game against Kentucky on Thursday. Coach Gottfried today said that at this point he could not play, but he hopes to be able to get some minutes from him by Thursday. Either way he will not be 100% for the game. (5) Finally, to answer the many questions I have gotten on the subject, I have no information that Isiah Rusher is a serious option for UK. It is very unlikely the kid qualifies to go anywhere and I have heard no rumblings that UK is strongly pursuing him. This may change if Patterson picks another school, but for now I think all talk is strictly speculation. Enjoy your Tuesday.....we have Brett Dawson on the show today to talk about the Cats, plus a special surprise recruiting guest in the 6-7 hour (after Inside the Ville radio). Tune in if you can.....streaming is about two weeks away. And please use your heads and make the comments interesting....the last few days of "Tubby Sucks" comments have really been mind-numbing....

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