Midnight Madness Tickets Distributed....with Donuts

Matt Jones10/01/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
You wanna know why I love Kentucky basketball? Well the scene Friday night at Memorial Coliseum is an example. For those hearty souls who had decided to camp out to get Midnight Madness tickets, there was a reward. The Kentucky basketball team, accompanied by Coach Smith, came to greet many of the campers with thanks and.....yes, donuts. Apparently the vast majority of the team stopped by the festivities (including the recruits in for the weekend who were duly impressed) and made the day of the campers who took the time to show their Wildcat fervor. And what is even better? Well of course, the Woo showed why he should be an all-time UK fan favorite. Woo went through the entire line and according to one reader, "shook hands with every single person in line and thanked them individually." Now tell me you dont love that guy? Also deserving some praise is Freshman Perry Stevenson who, along with Woo, spent the most time at the line greeting fans and promising a "big year" by the new guys. Folks this team will be much better on the court this year. But there is also a different vibe with these guys this year that will show dividends off the court. These guys genuinely like each other and there is a pride developing in the fact that they play for the Kentucky tradition. I think there are a number of factors that have lead to this, but the end result is that the fans will be much happier with EVERYTHING concerning the program this year. Its the little things, like bringing donuts and having a Woo, that make a big difference. I am happy to see the UK folks learning this.

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