Mike Decourcy Gives it One Last Old College Try on Enes

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
miked Mike Decourcy (he is the one on the right...the Forde is on the left), has decided to give it one last go to showcase why the NCAA should give Enes Kanter the same benefit of the doubt it gave Cam Newton. The case he makes is familiar and reading it from a national media guy is positive, but it likely changes little in the discussion because logic isnt one of the NCAA's strongest suits. Dick Vitale of ESPN said tonight that Kanter should be eligible and he even said that the appeal was heard today. I was told it was to be finished by tomorrow, but either way, that means a decision could come on Friday and if not, Monday at the latest. So we will go into the Notre Dame game next week knowing the final story on Enes, one way or the other. One can get his or herself tied up in circles just trying to make the logical arguments as to why this or that precedent should lead to this or that ruling on Kanter. The bottom line is we dont know and we cant really guess. All we can do is hope. This team is Final Four caliber with Enes...make it happen NCAA.

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