Current, former players post cryptic messages following loss to Florida

Current, former players post cryptic messages following loss to Florida

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Of all the bad things we’ve learned about Kentucky’s offense the past few weeks, here’s one good thing: the Terry Wilson to Keaton Upshaw connection is real. We all — including a prominent former player and a current starter — agree Kentucky needs more of it.

Kentucky’s lone touchdown today was a four-yard pass from Wilson to Upshaw, and two of the three longest receptions were Upshaw’s, an 11-yard completion to convert a fourth down on the opening drive, and a 13-yard catch at the start of the touchdown drive to start the second quarter. After the TD, former Kentucky star Mike Edwards said it’s time to “feed” Upshaw, which Quinton Bohanna agreed with once the game was over.

Hmm. After the game, Mark Stoops said the plan was to get Upshaw the ball early and often, but Florida’s defense made the necessary adjustments in the second half.

“We were trying to get him the ball. We had a big explosive play for him called and he got grabbed. He got held. He got pushed. Whatever you want to call it, he didn’t get open,” Stoops said. “Certain plays where we had RPOs, we’re going to him if the look is there. If not, they’re going to hand it. Those had been effective for us. That was the touchdown pass, so obviously they made some adjustments and covered him up as well.”

While we wait for more players to chime in on social media, here’s Upshaw’s TD:

UPDATE (8:47 pm): Terry Wilson weighs in 

About an hour ago Kentucky’s starting quarterback shared an ambiguous message to his Instagram story. He followed this one up with a “no cap.” One might assume that Mr. Wilson has been holding back what he really wants to say about UK’s offense. Will he let it rip and share his true feelings about the way his senior season has unfolded? We may never know.

Meanwhile, running back A.J. Rose doesn’t have time for negativity.


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