Mike Leach rants about "joyless" 2020 college football season

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<small>Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images</small>
[caption id="attachment_318163" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Sean Gardner | Getty Images[/caption] It took almost an entire college football season, but SEC country finally witnessed a nonsensical rant from Mike Leach. In the final week of a tumultuous first season in Starkville, Mississippi State's head coach went on and on and on without pause for more than two minutes about what he described as a "joyless" season of college football. "In recruiting, what can you do? You can do this but you can't do that. Well, you can do this instead. Well, you can do that, but not this. Okay, then are we gonna go ahead and have singing day when it normally is? Yes we are. Well, maybe we're not. Yeah, we probably are. Yes we are. Okay, are we practicing today? Oh, I don't know," he continued. "Okay so this many guys were positive. Okay, who were the contact tracers? We've gotta track that down. Okay, well how many o-linemen do we have? Well, who's going to play guard? Okay now do we have enough corners? Well I don't know. Well, this guy played a little corner in high school." The more you read it, the less it makes sense. In a nutshell, Leach lamented the exhausting steps taken during the pandemic-plagued season to ensure games were still played. “In the end, together with all the commotion and clutter, we’ve created one of the most joyless seasons on earth," Leach said. "And hopefully we have the presence of mind not to repeat it this way again.” The entire rant is a sight to behold. https://twitter.com/tbhorka/status/1338601420556300288?s=20 Don't forget the exclamation point! Coca-Cola can cure your Covid woes.

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