Mississippi State Game Thread and Predictions

Mississippi State Game Thread and Predictions

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rerwew Its a beautiful night in Starkville....well actually no night is a beautiful night in Starkville unless you are hanging out with Sylvester Croom and his pimp moustache at a local watering hole. Nevertheless, there is a game tonight in Starkville and the Cats are ready to come out and show some road fury. It looks as if Derrick Jasper will not play but there is no word on Jodie Meeks at this time. It is clear however that the Bulldogs like to block shots and have the ability to cut off the penetration this team needs to be successful. I do however like the Cats chances and think if they can withstand an early run from the Bulldogs (which will surely come), they have a chance to pull out a late victory. I like the Bulldogs 65-59, but I remain hopeful that with a break here or there, the score can be reversed. What say you....Use this thread to predict and chat it up....

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