MLB Road Trip, Day 5: Pittsburgh
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MLB Road Trip, Day 5: Pittsburgh

Drew Franklinover 10 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


mlb-roadtrip This is post is a day late because we couldn't find Wi-Fi in Toronto. I'm sorry, eh? ---------------------------------- Hello, Americans. This is the KSR MLB Road Trip reporting from Canada. We're in Toronto today after a very short and uneventful trip through Pittsburgh yesterday. We don't have a whole lot to report from Day 5, but I'll try my best to make it sound interesting. Shall we? ---------------------------------- pnc1 PNC Park? More like, Where The Hell Do We Park? The Dodge Journey was approaching PNC Park at a little after 12:00 with the first pitch set for 12:35. I sat down in my seat in the bottom of the 4th inning. Every minute in between was spent looking for a parking spot and walking to the stadium. pnc2 Nice Stadium, Great View I didn't have much time to explore the stadium but it doesn't get much better than this view from our seats... Grading The Dog (8.0) Pulled Pork and Peirogi Sandwich: $7.50... Pulled pork piled high on a pretzel bun topped with two peirogi. It needed a sauce, so I doused it in Frank's Red Hot. Delicious. Italian Sausage: $6.25... Topped with peppers and onions. Nothing special. Yuengling in can: $7.00... America's oldest beer is still one of its best. Pirates 1, Reds 3 I can't tell you anything that happened. Buffalo, New York: "Home of the original buffalo wing." The road from Pittsburgh to Toronto goes through Buffalo, New York so we would've been absolutely crazy to not stop for buffalo wings at Anchor Bar, the establishment that claims to have invented them. Legend has it, some old woman took the leftover wings that were supposed to be used for soup and she fried them and tossed them in her favorite sauce. Then, since her creation was so good, it never crossed her mind to trademark her product and try to expand. Instead, she just kept her small restaurant in New York while her creation made millions for other businesses across the country. Great business plan! And as far as the wings go, they were pretty "mehh". I've had better, but I guess everything improves from the original. The Wright Brothers' first plane didn't serve Corona and you can't send and receive nude pics on Alexander Graham Bell's telephone. I don't know where I was going with that. Buffalo, New York: "Also home of the original... Crack pipe, depressing bus station, and abandoned building. I've seen a lot of sad cities in my day - I'm looking at you, West Lafayette - but Buffalo, New York takes the cake. And then smokes it and asks you for a quarter to buy coffee. No UK fan sightings. So we made one... uk-buffalo-girl The Canadians hate us. We were stopped at the border and searched for the third time entering Canada. If you're keeping score at home, we're batting a thousand on our three trips to Canada. Then again, maybe the Canadian border patrol just likes us. I bet they sniff our underwear and lick our toothbrushes while we're inside waiting. border Up Next: Toronto I have a fever and the only cure is more poutine. ------------------------------------- Follow along: Day 1: Chicago Day 2: Detroit Day 3: New York Day 4: Baltimore

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