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Robert Griffin III Well, it's the off season. As if you couldn't tell by the two posts about softball earlier (if you're reading this, ladies, I am only kidding - congrats). Since we've got you here, let's take a look at some more-or-less off topic yet interesting news stories I've come across today. The UK basketball and football realms have been pretty quiet, but the world goes on. - First thing's first: the UK softball team will play Arizona State in Tempe next week for the Super Regional. Sounds like some beautiful weather may help them in making school history. - We've been following the hoops recruiting world intensely this year. Let's start off with the obvious - Rivals ranked UK's 2013 basketball recruiting class at No. 1. This surprised approximately zero people, despite losing Wiggins. The last remaining big name on the board makes his decision this week. Theo Pinsonn closes out the recruiting season for the 2013 class with his Wednesday decision. - Amongst the college basketball world, there has been some hoopla over this LA Times piece.  Steve Alford honeymoon at UCLA has been incredibly short-lived. As expected. He inherited a semi-torn team despite Bazz's nice season, but the controversies from the past now have people keeping an extra close eye on Alford from the get-go. Give it a read. - You know what's not smart? Hating on Derrick Rose. A UF product did a very Florida-esque thing recently: Rookie Brad Beal dissed Derrick Rose, calling him "scared" and saying he'd lose respect for him if Rose were his teammate. Be thankful you aren't his teammate, Brad. Rose is coming off a major injury and he needs to think longterm for his own sake. Poor form. - I heard a hilariously story from a friend regarding RG3 at the Derby this year. I am not going to retell it, but I thought you should know. Anyways, Robert Griffin III has been receiving incredible amounts of wedding gifts from fans via his registery.  The interesting part is that these fans are getting hand-signed (read: autographed) thank you letters. Genius and also shows the love fans have for this guy in D.C. However, do NOT do this for UK players, you guys. That's a no-no.

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