Monday Mid-Day Report

Monday Mid-Day Report

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Couple of quick hits on the lunch hour. It has been a VERY busy weekend with legal work and the shows we did on Saturday. For those of you that havent heard yet, scroll down and listen to our ESPN Radio show from Wednesday. We will have our regular podcast up tonight, which will include our discussion with co-host Ravi Moss and regular mirth and hilarity. It was a pretty wild afternoon and I think you will enjoy it. Now onto the quick hits.... (1) It is almost time for the Ramon Harris era to begin at Kentucky. Word is that he gets to officially begin practicing with the team on Thursday and technically is eligible to play at Louisville on Saturday. No one expects him to actually get playing time on Saturday and there has still been some talk of a possible redshirt. However, after the injury to Carter, the expectation is that Ramon will begin his career at UK this season. Will he be a contributor? Well that is a difficult question. Those I talk to close to the team say that Harris is an explosive player who will be a welcome part of the freshmen class. However his contribution this year will likely be in a backup role, filling in mostly for Perry at the 3/4. No one expects dominance soon, but EVERYONE I have spoken with says the Cats got a real steal in "Razor Ramon." (2) For those that havent heard, Tubby Smith made a great comment in Maysville this weekend saying something to the effect that he had made a mistake with Lofton but "we dont plan on making that type of mistake again." Everyone I have spoken with says that UK is in a great position with Darius Miller and that the Cats may get an early commitment sometime early next calendar year. Miller however is not a lock, as other schools including Bruce Pearl's evil Tennessee, are making strong pushes on Darius and he is listening to all comers. Ultimately the longer this goes, the worse for UK. Getting a commitment early on, in a state that would love some top-notch early talent, is imperative before next summer. (3) Speaking of our man Bruce Pearl, he was kicked out of another high school game this weekend for taunting the referees. That is twice in a year. I like Bruce's energy and he has been nice to this show.....but come on my man.....either be Mike Davis crazy or normal.....the in-between is just sad. (4) I got an email from a close friend this weekend who saw Mike Williams play. Said that he is raw, but "not in a 7 foot stiff kind of way" but just in a guy still learning the intracacies of the game way. The two biggest factors for a big guy in high school are his touch and hands, and my friend said both were visible. "He has very soft touch around the basket and is able to catch virtually everything thrown his way. He still needs to work on his aggresiveness and is not quite the rebounder yet that we would like, but he has more potential than Alleyne and Estill had at this stage." We shall see.... (5) Finally, if all reports are true and Marshall Moses is coming to town this weekend (I still get told it is "very likely" as no one will say for sure....which is odd), then this becomes a HUGE recruiting weekend for UK. I have said it before and I will say it again.....Marshall Moses may be the difference maker of this class. A versatile athlete, great kid and hard worker, Moses is the type of rock that can hold a program together. There is a lot of Chuck Hayes in Moses from a character perspective and his athleticism is off the charts. Cross your fingers that (a) he comes here this weekend and (b) UK can make the necessary headway to get this deal done. Finally, there is some talk of a Virginia newspaper article that says Patrick Patterson has narrowed his choices to UK, Duke and Virginia. I will try and get confirmation of this initial reaction is to be suspect, as it would be very odd for such a quick change to have occurred.....but with recruiting, you just never know. Still, news such as this never hurts...... More tonight.....including our Bowl Pick Em and a debate as to why Sheray Thomas booed Hubby....

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