Monday Morning Notes
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Monday Morning Notes

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
darius-scotty-730773.jpg It is very late and I have court in the morning, so lets get to it..... (1) Rumors have heated up in the last two days about the possibility of Rich Brooks leaving Kentucky after the Bowl game. Interestingly, these rumors have all come from outside of the state, specifically lots of talk about it on ESPN last night. I have heard nothing about these rumors from Brooks or anyone close to the Coach. For a long time early in the season at the end of last season, I assumed that this could be it for Rich and that he might turn over the program, possibly to Joker Phillips. But the one conversation I had with him recently suggested to me that he was still full of vigor and excited about the future. On one level, it makes sense for Rich to leave with this group, but on another, if Rich can come back and create a true "program" at UK that is bigger than this Senior class, then he can have a legacy here like he had at Oregon, where he basically created the program. It wouldnt shock me to see him go, but I am not ready to get aboard his train leaving town just yet. I think he still has some yelling at Derrick Locke to do.... (2) Speaking of yelling, can there be much worse than what is going on with Jared Carter right now? I gotta tell you, we have given the poor guy a lot of grief over the years, but it may be best at this point for him to transfer over the Christmas break. I know that for the last couple of years I have been down on his talent, and it is not personal to him, but just what I saw beginning in his high school days. But whatever past thoughts we may have had, at this point it seems clear that he isnt part of any real plan for Billy Clyde. In two games this year, he has been put in after the Big Black Member and when he did come in before on Saturday night, he was berated by Billy Clyde and went right back to the bench. I know Jared has a lot of supporters and I pull for him.....but I am not sure if Kentucky is the best place for him. (3) If you went to Sheldon Clark on Saturday night to see Scotty Hopson take on Darius Miller, you apparently saw quite a show. We will have a game rundown tomorrow from a person there, but it looks as if Darius had a smooth 41 points in the game and looked like the amazing player I believe him to be. Darius can score in a number of different ways and is as talented as they come. I think he should be rated top 20 nationally and there should really be a big push from folks in this state to make him a McDonalds All American, the first from the state in quite some time. Miller is the real deal and will be Patterson-esque in terms of his transition to college and his adoption by the UK fans. IT will be quite exciting to watch. (4) Still hearing Music City Bowl with either Wake Forest, Florida State or Georgia Tech as the opponent. I would love a shot at Bobby Bowden I must say.... (5)In a final note on injuries, Ramon Harris is progressing quickly and should start practicing in ten days or so.....everyone is hoping Meeks is ready by SEC play and Jasper is doing well, but still no timetable. As many know, I am nervous as to whether we will see Jasper this year, but having Harris back will be good (although AJ Stewart has picked up his game) and Meeks is a requirement for this team to be as good as it can. We are back to normal beginning today as the combination of the holiday and my move to Bardstown Road has put us a bit behind. Stay tuned on Monday for the Darius Miller-Scotty Hopson report and the release of the Kentucky Sports Radio Top 25 Seniors in the state of Kentucky...........

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