Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

Gerry DiNardoabout 14 years


Aritcle written by:Gerry DiNardoGerry DiNardo
dunleavy.jpg So Pacman signed with TNA so he can stay busy during his suspension and become a professional wrestler. That got be thinking, what professional athletes would I least like to see across the ring from me if I ever decided to change career paths, assume an alter-ego, "unknowingly" ingest some substances from Greg Anderson and borrow some of the tights the UK defense wore last year? The answer is simple: Mike Dunleavy Jr. Ever since he arrived at Duke from the mean streets of Beaverton, Oregon, he has been notorious for striking fear into the heat of opponents. Hansbrough may be ‘Physco T’ in Chapel Hill, but he’s an amateur compared with ‘Mad Dog Iron’ Mike Dunleavy. Then I found the video which has served as the motivational material of my training to become a professional wrester, and can only imagine the terror felt by NBA referee #22. Refs have to deal with a lot of outrageous players, (Rasheed, Stephen Jackson, Spree, the list goes on), then comes a night like this one where the animal is let out of the cage and sets his sights on a ref making a highly questionable charging call. I contacted a lawyer and found out David Stern could be charged as an accessory if ‘Mad Dog Iron’ Mike ever goes for the jugular on one of these referees (especially that ref from Tales From the Crypt who might just have a stroke). Its Monday night and RAW will be hitting the airwaves soon, so if you are enlightned enough to watch, just imagine and thank whoever it is you thank that your career path doesn’t involve facing off with ex-Dukies.

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