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At BW3's last night, I didn't get to fully enjoy the CBSCS broadcast team. That didn't stop me from enjoying some of Matt's (and other's) snarky comments about them. A little later that night, my buddy (best known as webmaster of fame) sent me a link to Rich Zvosec's web site. Rich uses the site -- which appears to be designed by a graduate of Hubby's Intro to Flash class -- to promote himself as a public speaker, writer and television personality.

Here's an description of one of Rich's speaking programs:

DRINK, SWEAR, STEAL, AND LIE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS Coach Z details the four key areas to building a successful team. Listen as he challenges his audience to: a) Believe in yourself and your team, b) Never stop learning, c) Fill the void and d) Eat the heart of a watermelon.

I've eaten the heart of a watermelon before. It was seedless and chewy. Like hot dogs, its important to not really ask or know how the heart of a watermelon gets on your plate:

Like most coaches, Rich had published a book. His book is called, Birds, Dogs and Kangaroos: Life on the Back Roads of College Basketball. interviewed Rich before the book was released in 2008:

TSR: You told a story in the book about taking the subway to one of your games. Only in New York, right?

RZ: Our archrival was Long Island University, which ironically enough, is not in Long Island. It’s in Brooklyn, which to this day I’m not sure why it’s called Long Island University when it’s in Brooklyn. They were actually two subway stops away from us. And because of the parking and transportation, it was much easier for us to jump on the train over to their campus as opposed to getting on a bus, or in a van, or some other mode of transportation. And what made the game even more interesting was that it was played in the old Paramount Theatre, which is an old movie theater where they had plays and obviously films. And it gave a lot of character because you’re playing on a stage. So that was interesting.

TSR: And there you had — I believe it was an athletic director — who didn’t want to pay for your team to play in the semifinal of your conference tournament.

RZ: Actually it wasn’t the athletic director it was the Vice President of Student Affairs.

TSR: Ah, okay. But there was a lack of commitment to the basketball program there?

RZ: Pretty much. The athletic director there was fantastic. He was actually the soccer coach as well. How he survived without strangling the Vice President of Student Affairs for so many years is beyond me.

Given his experience playing in the Paramount Theatre, a basketball court in a ballroom is clearly in Rich's element.

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