More Coaches Haze Their Freshmen

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Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010-11 Duke Blue Devils!

Earlier today Matt tweeted about Coach Calipari hazing the incoming freshmen by making them learn the Canadian National Anthem and telling them they would have to sing it before the game.  Pretty funny.  But it got me to thinking, what have other coaches done to haze their incoming freshmen?  Well worry not KSR readers, I did the research for you.  Lllleeeegggoooo!

Bobby Huggins – Runs ‘spooning drills’ with his players in the middle of the free throw lane.

Charlie Weiss – Made his players sit in the next stall next to him at the all you can eat Chinese buffet.

Joe Paterno – Makes one of his players follow him around at all times so they can remind him who he is and what he’s supposed to be doing.

Lane Kiffin – Doesn’t let his freshmen play in bowl games.  Er, wait a second…

Bruce Pearl – Forces the new kids to come over and play with Steven Pearl.

Urban Meyer – Has all freshmen circumcised by Tim Tebow.

Bobby Knight – Actually chokes his players.  Like, seriously.  How has everybody forgotten about that?

Rick Pitino – Doesn’t have incoming freshmen anymore – because he has given up on incoming kids. (Hat tip to Drew Franklin.)

Joker Phillips – Joker requires all of his incoming freshmen to whip Louisville’s butt on September 4th.

Go Cats.

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