More from DJ Jeffries' father regarding the split (He mad?)

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[caption id="attachment_241798" align="alignnone" width="1820"] Kelly Kline | Under Armour[/caption] The decommitment of DJ Jeffries is getting a second run around the news cycle today after his father, Corey Jeffries, gained some attention for telling a Memphis radio station the Kentucky staff was "unprofessional" in its handling of Jeffries' decision. Corey Jeffries has since clarified that statement to The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, saying, "It wasn’t Cal that took it so bad. It was the main recruiter (assistant coach Tony Barbee).” Interesting. That same story also notes the former UK commit took offense to the absence of any UK coaches at his final AAU game out in Las Vegas. “It was the last game of his summer career, so he was expecting somebody to be there,” Corey Jeffries said. “I think it kind of bothered him. That kind of shook him up a little bit.” Furthermore, Corey Jeffries said it is interesting to see Memphis get "a leg up" on Calipari in recruiting and that the Jeffries family is "enjoying it, to be honest." Read the entire story in The Commercial Appeal here. I don't know much more than any of you, but to me it sounds like Kentucky lost interest and Corey Jeffries is a little bummed about it. First, the staff didn't take the time to watch his son in Vegas. Then the staff didn't seem to care when his son decommitted. He expected UK to beg him to stay, and they didn't. So let's all move on.

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