More Loserville fun!

Hunter Campbellover 12 years


As we wade through a Saturday that seems endless in anticipation for tomorrow's date with the filthy, stinking, no good Cardinals, it seems appropriate to look back to some highlights of past conquests before hitting you with my take on the game. Derek Anderson can dunk. Hard. Joe Crawford: Nasty feet. Nasty dunks. I haven't been here long, but let me make one thing clear. I hate UofL. I've lived in this city with these insufferable fans for something like six years now and cannot stand them. I was going to write you a big, in-depth game preview, rife with numbers, matchups and analysis. I spent quite a bit of time on it, before realizing that I had put a lot of work into basically saying, "Make Louisville shoot threes because they're bad when they bomb too much, keep Terrence Williams and Earl Clark out of the lane, take care of the ball and hit our free throws." We shoot 78% to UofL's 65% from the line. There's a stat for you. No, instead, I will only express how badly I want this game. My fiery hatred for the Cardinals burns with the flame of a thousand torches. I loathe their fanbase. For every rational one who realizes that their team was either vastly overrated or has significantly underperformed, there are hundreds who sit firmly entrenched in front of their computer, season preview in hand, still telling us all they're a final four team when they're probably the fifth or sixth-best team in their own conference. I hate the nicknames. T-Will? I'd rather not. E-5? Please. You'd be much better off opening with King's knight to H-6. (Chess humor is awesome!) I've heard so many Card fans tell me Samardo Samuels is as good as Patrick Patterson I want to bang my head against a wall. Do you mean he's as good as Steffphon Pettigrew? Nope, wrong again. This dreamworld they live in needs to end. Evan was right the other day. If we beat them, they will break. And I will love it. They limp into the weekend having dropped two out of the last three. Make it three out of four tomorrow and the brutal Villanova-Notre Dame-Pitt-all-in-seven-days stretch right around the corner could leave the RedBirds refreshingly answerless. There's nothing I like more than seeing Card fans squirm. Those pre-printed brackets with Louisville in the Final Four seem a little much now, wouldn't you say? The pundits have all spoken, and the consensus is clear. On paper, Louisville is a clear favorite. They have the better talent, the hall of fame coach, the home court advantage. Everything is in their favor, on paper. Well, folks, I work in cyberspace now. F*ck paper. Patterson makes up for last year's performance with 31 and 11 as Samuels fouls out on purpose with 8 minutes left so he can take notes. Cats 77-72 in a classic. You didn't think I was going to let the only prediction on the site today be from the Card fan that snuck in here, did you?

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