More Motivation for Kentucky
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More Motivation for Kentucky

Nick Roushover 4 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Kentucky opens the season against a C-USA team that scored 34-unanswered points to upset them on their home turf in 2016.  You can say without remorse they want revenge. “I mean, plain and simple: it’s revenge,” Baity said yesterday.  However, Baity is playing for more than revenge.  Over the last two weeks, No. 8 has rocked No. 2. "I was wearing No. 2 for Dorian," Baity said last week.  "He got hurt in our scrimmage.  I felt some type of way about it.  Going against somebody everyday and knowing how hard he worked for this upcoming  season, I felt kind of bad and I still feel like he should be out there, so I wanted to give my team some inspiration and let them know that he's still out there in spirit." People get hurt.  That's a part of football.  What makes this one more impactful is knowing how much work Dorian put into making 2017 his best year yet. "Me and Dorian go against each other everyday.  I know personally how hard he's working.  Christy (Chris Westry) knows how hard he's working.  Mike knows how hard he's working.  We had high expectations for him and he can't even prove it." Since Baity had the white No. 2 jersey, Westry had to create his own concoction to support his fallen teammate. [caption id="attachment_226962" align="alignnone" width="750"] 3Plays |IG[/caption] It's a gesture No. 2 respects and appreciates. The team is using No. 2 as a motivator and as a reminder to play every play like it's their last. "Sometimes we may not be feeling it," another No. 2 wearer, Juice Johnson said, "but Dorian would give anything just to be out here."

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