More On Tyrone Appleton

More On Tyrone Appleton

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  Appleton Will Visit Kentucky Saturday When The Cats Face Tennessee Tech Here are some quotes from various sources describing UK target Tyrone Appleton: From "Appleton is the second coming of future NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton. When Appleton clamps down on his opponent, the scoreboard is shut down because there is no need for it. He is that relentless. Nobody plays 'D' on the prep level like Appleton.Ask O.J. Mayo, a 2007 prep who has already displayed the talent to become the #1 pick in the NBA draft after his senior season. Mayo became silly putty in Appleton's hands." Virgina Tech Coach Seth Greenberg On Signing Appleton Out Of High School: "Tyrone Appleton is the kind of fierce competitor you need to be successful in the ACC," head coach Seth Greenberg said. "He has the size of a two-guard and the skill of a point guard. He has a toughness about him and brings every intangible you need to compete at the highest level. We're excited he has decided to join us and help us to continue to build Virginia Tech basketball." High School Coach Travis McAvene On Appleton: "He is a hard-nosed kid how knows how to create opportunities to score the ball," McAvene said. "On top of that, he's one of the best on the ball defenders in the country. He's a beast on the ball." Tyrone Appleton Is A Defensive Specialists Other Notes: *Appleton was ranked #124 in the 2006 Rivals top 150 *Ranked the third best JUCO prospect by JucoJunction *Juco National Champs in 2007( QUICK VIDEO OF APPLETON

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