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morgan So lets say you were a random person who isnt a true follower of today's music "scene" (like oh, say me) and you found yourself watching the Grammys tonight and live blogging (and if you havent read it, scroll down and do so). What would you have found out? Well you would have learned that....U2 has a new song which is awful....any ensemble with Justin Timberlake, Al Green, Keith Urban and Boyz II Men is destined to be bad.....Stevie Wonder must be blind because he would have never been playing with the Jonas Brothers if he could see them....Miley Cyrus is no Taylor Swift....Neil Diamond still rules.....Adele looks like a fatter Osborne daughter....when you see how Jason Mraz dresses, it is hard to defend liking his song.....and it isnt a good sign if you are watching an "Historic Hip-Hop Summit" and you ask your friends, "whose the pregnant lady?" But none of that was quite as fascinating as the fact that Morgan Freeman claimed to be a "dear friend" of Kenny Chesney. Now how in the world did that happen? Where would Morgan Freeman have been where he could have seen Kenny Chesney and they could have formed a deep bond. Since all I know about Morgan Freeman is that he chases Ashley Judd in most of her movies, I cant imagine when he would have had time to become friends with Peyton Manning's favorite singer. But alas, it must have happened. And oh yeah, they dont actually give away any "awards" on the Grammys anymore. But hey whatcha gonna do...... To the news...... (1): This was one of the strangest weekends I can ever remember during a college basketball season. Because the Cats had the weekend off, there was virtually no news to come out of Lexington in any form. The Cats practiced during the break and had what one individual told me was a "monumental set of film sessions." Over the next two days, we will get into what is at stake against the Gators on Tuesday, but the games of this week had a mixed result for the Cats. Mississippi State defeated Arkansas, but Tennessee dropped a game to Auburn, thus still putting the SEC East crown in Kentucky's grasp if they are able to grab it. (2): As we wrote about earlier on Sunday, the chatter about UK's interest in Darius Smith continues to increase. The combo guard from Chicago has been visited a couple of different times by UK coaches and lists Kentucky towards the top of his list, along with Indiana, Arizona and Wisconsin. We described Smith's game on Sunday but what will be interesting to follow is whether his recruitment tells us about how the roster will be composed next year. With only one player certainly gone (Jared Carter), and at least three coming in, there will certainly be some rearranging of the chairs in Lexington. Lots of questions will be raised, including the status of Donald Williams, the future of AJ Stewart/Kevin Galloway and the pro prospects of Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson. Either way, the active recruitment of Smith (and for that matter John Wall) shows everyone that there will be extensive turnover on the UK roster next just remains to be seen from where. (3): To show you just how little news is out there, we give you the story that this weekend, the Cats' took their team photo. See I told you there wasnt much there. Interestingly however, the Cats have only started taking the photo this late in the year since Gillispie came to UK. It used to be a preseason picture (which is why if you look at the official team photos you occasionally see players that make you go, who?) but now is taken late in the year. Here it is: (4): Finally, Chip Cosby had an interesting 2010 recruiting note in his UK football column in which he spoke with Louisville Central's coach, who told him that Stephan Robinson, Rob Gidel's 5th ranked player in the Class of 2010 will likely commit to Kentucky if he is offered. The WR/CB is likely to receive an offer fairly soon from the Cats and at 5'9", likely projects as a member of the defensive backfield for the Cats in the future. He would continue the UK-Central pipeline (one of the big losses that Louisville has suffered in its home city) and is yet another part of the movement to get Tim Patterson, the #1 ranked player from Kentucky and likely the best recruit from the state since Micah Johnson. The football staff continues to get it done. More all day, including the first post from the newest Kentucky Sports Radio Contributor (you will find out more later), the beginning of the Florida previews and news as it breaks from Gillispie's press conference. Stay tuned........

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