Morning Monologue - Anthony Davis Discusses Pet Monkey on Jimmy Kimmel

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We are in the thick of the NBA Finals right now, and if you don't start paying attention, you might just miss it.  A seven-game NBA Finals is not only beneficial to the NBA's wallet, but its also beneficial for Jimmy Kimmel who gets the added bonus for seven nights of having Lebron/Steph as his lead-in.  It could also be a positive for Kentucky fans, as Jimmy tends to bring on NBA's biggest stars on the nights of the NBA Finals.  Enter - Anthony Davis. Davis is coming off of an outstanding 2016-17 NBA season, having been named First Team All-NBA, alongside LeBron James, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard.  He was second in the NBA in blocks (2.23 BPG), and fourth in points (28 PPG) and 'player efficiency'.  With those accolades, it is no surprise that Davis turned up on Jimmy Kimmel Live as one of Jimmy's big time NBA guests.  I had anticipated that maybe he would be involved in playing a game of 'College Knowledge' like UConn and Michigan Alums did on Sunday Night.  However, the big man got to sit and chat with Kimmel about various topics, including: rounding down his height to play Power Forward, who he's rooting for in the NBA Finals, Kyrie Irving being a flat-earther, his clothing line, oh, and once owning a monkey. Why doesn't AD have a monkey anymore?  One word: POOP. Anthony Davis discussing his clothing line with Saks Fifth Avenue: Anthony Davis getting measured up: @funkhouserKSR  

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