Morning Monologue: Aziz and Jimmy Get Texty

Morning Monologue: Aziz and Jimmy Get Texty

Richmond Brambletover 6 years


Aritcle written by:Richmond BrambletRichmond Bramblet


Capture I was never one to get on the Aziz Ansari bandwagon.  I didn't overly watch Parks and Rec, and I just wasn't drawn to Ansari as a performer.  That being said, I have gone back and watched some of his clips over the past couple of months, and he really does have some good stuff.  In one of his last specials he had a bit about texting while dating, which I found to be really funny (In that same show, he asks two audience members about how they got engaged, and that is worth watching the show alone). Anyway, Ansari was on The Tonight Show last night promoting his new book "Modern Romance" which hits stores today.  During his segment with Fallon, Aziz went back and forth reading horrible pick-up text messages that are apparently real.  The bit was funny, and produced the great screenshot above.  

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