Morning Monologue: David Letterman A Life in Television

Morning Monologue: David Letterman A Life in Television

Richmond Brambletover 6 years


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david-letterman-retirement I've said it previously on Twitter, but I wish that David Letterman could retire every month.  There is something about what is going on with the retirement of David Letterman that trumps the rest of the most recent late-night retirees.  Last night, CBS aired "David Letterman: A Life on Television" and it was everything you could hope that it would be.  "Hosted" by Ray Romano, the hour-and-a-half program was a true retrospective of Letterman's career in late night. You got to see all of the classic moments from the show, including Drew Barrymore's table dance/flash combo, the Oprah rivalry, stupid human tricks, stupid pet tricks, Jack Hannah, top-10 lists, the post 9/11 episode, Dave's heart attack recovery and more.  You got to see some of his famous interactions with Madonna,  Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Justin Bieber, Howard Stern, Bill Murray, politicians, musicians, american heroes, and of course Paul Schaeffer. Here are some stats about David Letterman's retirement straight from -On May 20th, Letterman will have hosted 6,028 late-night talk show broadcasts in 33 years -Won 16 Emmy Awards with 112 Emmy Nominations -1992 Peabody Award Winner -2012 Kennedy Center Honor There will be no other late night show host like David Letterman, and there may not be another one with the longevity and humor that Letterman brought to late night.  If they air the "David Letterman: A Life in Television" this is one you're not going to want to miss, because this truly was a flashback of some of the greatest late night television in history.  We only have just a few more weeks with Letterman, so be sure to tune in, because the old clips they will show in these final episodes will be a look into some of the greatest television, that we may never see anything like it again.

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