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Morning Monologue: Drinko With Paul Rudd

Article written by:On3 imageRichmond Bramblet


Drinko Welcome back to Morning Monologue.  The late night shows have been on a hiatus for the last three weeks or so, with the exception of Jimmy Kimmel, who just pretty much never goes off the air.  Anyway, Jimmy Fallon came back last night, hand wrapped up after his accident, in which he got his ring caught on the corner of a table, and almost ripped off his entire finger. In his first night back, Jimmy welcomed late night favorite Paul Rudd.  After discussing his upcoming Marvel adventure, Ant Man, the two played in a game of Drinko.  Drinko is a direct port of Plinko from The Price is Right, but instead of dollar values at the bottom, the disks drop into different drinks, including Everclear, Gravy, Bacon Soda, and Pickle Juice.  In the second round, whoever's disk lands first, the loser has to drink a combination of the two cups.  It brings back memories of a July 3rd long ago, when we drank shots called "Liquid Steak", which is 151 mixed with Worcestershire Sauce.  Try it, you won't be disappointed... Also, the Drinko board talks, and he's a bit sexually aggressive (Higgins FTW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRmv6z6XAPk  

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