Morning Monologue: Tom Hanks Retrospective in Seven Minutes

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Capture If you are new to Funkhouser, you will quickly realize that I am a huge homer for James Corden.  I find him to be fresh, endearing, honest, humble and just a seemingly nice guy.  Corden had the honor last night of hosting his very first episode of the Late, Late Show with James Corden. I will reserve my review for the new Late, Late Show after he gets a few episodes under his belt.  For a few quick notes though... 1) He's obviously very nervous... 2) Reggie Watts' role really isn't defined in the first episode, but if he's trying to be Fred Armisen, it didn't work last night.  3)He's going with the Graham Norton style of show, interviewing both people at the same time.  Will that work?  Who knows. With a guest like Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis, it kind of worked because they have good personalities.  It may not work with people a little more shy.  It is most certainly a different show than what Craig Ferguson presented. The best moment from the debut episode of Corden's show was when Tom Hanks and James Corden did a seven minute retrospective of Hanks' movie career.  I'd really try to explain more, but you need to see it for yourself.  If Corden can keep putting out bits like this, he'll be ok.  

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