Mt. Washington man feasts like a king for one night

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Andrew Wiggins news got you down?  This story will cheer you up. A man was arrested in Bullitt County yesterday for throwing himself a barbecue with an elaborate spread of food and beverage. 30-year-old Trevor Runyon went through six steaks, a couple pounds of shrimp, salad, a birthday cake, cold beer, an entire case of soft drinks and a gallon of tea for a late night dinner Sunday evening. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, the problem is, Runyon did it all after closing time inside the ValuMarket in Mt. Washington. According to a report from WDRB, he hid in the grocery store's restroom until all employees were gone and the place was locked up for the evening. Once the coast was clear, he came out and fired up a grill inside the store and went to town on all the food and drinks he could get his hands on. He also helped himself to a carton of cigarettes and two lighters. It gets better, though. At one point during the one-man dinner party, Runyon pooped in his pants from all of the food. So what did he do? He took a pair of Bullitt East underwear off the shelf, along with a couple t-shirts, and changed into something a little more comfortable. We're still going.... Runyon might've gotten away with it all if not for the trail of 57 Reddi-wip cans he left behind in the garbage cans. Employees found the cans the next morning, thought something was suspicious, obviously, so management went to the surveillance tapes. It was then that they found footage of ol' Trevor Runyon feasting inside the store after hours. Now, my favorite part... He never left the building. Runyon was found asleep in the attic of the ValueMarket -- which means he was probably going for another helping last night -- and the fire department had to come in to rescue him from the building. The report says there was damage was done to the building to remove him from the attic. Police say Runyon was very friendly and didn't give anyone any trouble during the arrest. [POLICE: Man arrested for overnight feast inside Mt. Washington ValuMarket]

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