Muhammad Ali voted Kentucky's best athlete

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 5 years


Who's the best athlete to ever come from the state of Kentucky? According to one list, Muhammad Ali. named the best athlete from every state, and The Greatest was chosen to represent the Commonwealth:
"There has been an attempt recently to re-write the history books and somehow diminish the legacy of Muhammad Ali by some. It seems to have become cool or quirky to claim that Ali is or was overrated. It may be cliche and it may be obvious, but Ali is absolutely the greatest boxer of all time. There has never been a heavyweight fighter who moved like Ali."
A smattering of picks from other states:
  • Alabama: Willie Mays
  • Arizona: Kerri Strug
  • California: Tiger Woods
  • Colorado: Jack Dempsey
  • Florida: Deion Sanders
  • Indiana: Larry Bird
  • Louisiana: Peyton Manning
  • Michigan: Magic Johnson
  • Nevada: Andre Agassi
  • New York: Michael Jordan
  • Ohio: LeBron James
  • Tennessee: Reggie White
I doubt anyone would argue Ali is the best athlete this state -- arguably this country -- has produced, but as the Courier-Journal's Tim Sullivan asked on Twitter yesterday, who do you think is #2? Gotta be Jarrod Polson, right?   (I'm kidding.) [Trending Top Lists]

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