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LIONS DRAFT I don't have many requirements for people that announce football and basketball games. All that I ask is that the announcers are informative, make efforts to minimize mistakes (and apologize when they do), and know when to shut the heck up. I really do enjoy most announcers and appreciate the hard work that they put into their craft. That said, it baffles me that Matt Millen has a job. Not only does this guy not know when to shut up, but he has zero credibility. He is responsible for assembling one of the two worst professional football teams of all time, and it isn't like he did this in the 1980's or something. He was in charge of the colossal futility that is the Detroit Lions LAST YEAR. When he opines about something during the course of the game, I find myself mad because he states everything with conviction and authority. What makes him think he knows anything about football? What makes him think I care about his analysis and opinion when he just proved how incompetent he is at running a football team? He is a guy that defines The Peter Principle. He fails upward. What does all of this have to do with your University of Kentucky Wildcats? Check out the announcing team for the Music City Bowl (via Awful Announcing): Sunday, December 27th Music City Bowl: Kentucky v. Clemson (ESPN, 8:15pm)- Sean McDonough, Matt Millen & Holly Rowe I would suggest one plan on using the radio or internet to listen to the great Tom Leach with the television on mute. Even if there is a tv delay, it isn't worth subjecting your ears to the pain of a Matt Millen broadcast.

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