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Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
jare It is with somewhat mixed emotions that I have to announce tonight that beginning on December 27th, I am joining as a writer for their new national college basketball blog. I am very excited about this unbelievable opportunity that I never would have ever dreamed possible when we started this blog a little over five years ago. I will be covering the national college basketball scene in a similar manner to how we cover the University of Kentucky here, in-depth, with a modicum of intelligence and an eye towards the absurdity that is always present. I will be one of four new writers on the college basketball blog and we will join Gary Parrish as the group writing about the sport all year for The announcement as to the other writers is to come at a later date, but I am excited about the individuals who are to be added. With this move, I will keep my radio show on WKJK in Louisville and the CN2 television show on Insight television. I enjoy both of those gigs a great deal and look forward to growing both in the future. However with the move, I will be handing over the day-to-day management of KSR to Thomas Beisner. Beisner has been an amazing addition to KSR and has been one of the key reasons for its growth from a site full of goobers talking about sports to a site full of goobers talking about sports with lots of people reading it. He is unbelievably talented, a tremendous writer and has the same passionate dedication to UK sports as I do. If it were not for my sincere belief that he can run KSR, I would not be taking this opportunity. We created this site and I believe it is by far the best place to get UK news anywhere. With Beisner, it will not only stay that way, but I am confident it will only get better. We are hiring him as the full time editor and this site will now finally get the 100 percent attention it deserves and I could not be more excited. Drew Franklin and Will Lentz will move up to be his Associate Editors and I expect the two of them to also continue their tremendous work as they take the site to another level. I will not be leaving KSR completely. I will post from time to time, write about UK occasionally, do the LIVE BLOGS during the UK games, etc. But I will no longer write daily and the site's management will be handled by Beisner. I love this place too much to stop completely and CBS is ok with my participation here. But it will be cut back dramatically as I move to write about college basketball on a broader level. I cant thank my writers here on KSR enough for their help. From Rob Gidel who began with me so long ago, to the current group of great writers that we have, including Drew Franklin, Will Lentz, Hunter Campbell, BTI, Tyler Thompson, Tomlin and others. We will also be adding 3-4 new writers over the next couple of weeks and that group will continue to make KSR the best site on the internet for UK fans. I also want to thank all of you who have been with me for so long on this site. Without the amazing passion of the UK fanbase and the KSR Nation, none of this would be possible. You guys have supported all of our efforts and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to do things I would never have thought possible. I will miss doing KSR on a daily basis. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has been the biggest part of my life for the last five years. However I am ready for the new challenge and whatever it brings. With radio, tv, podcasts (they start back weekly next week) and the occasional blog post, I wont be leaving here for good but it will be different. I look forward to the new direction of KSR and what is ahead. But I most importantly want to thank you for the five years that have passed. They have been literally, a dream come true.

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