Myspace Madness hits Nashville

by:Matt Jones08/06/06
A few weeks ago, when the "Myspace" controversy hit Kentucky, I commented that I thought the whole uproar was absurd and that the notion that individual player's profiles on myspace were worthy of NCAA attention was silly. Nevertheless, I do think that a person's myspace site can give information about a person and that is why I have found a number of them over the last year or so. Well it looks like the "mainstream media" (I guess I have to join conservative political pundits now in using that term) has decided they now agree with me. Thus the Tennessean, the newspaper of Nashville, had a recent "expose" on its website letting people know that Vandy guard Alex Gordon has (GASP!!!) a picture on his Myspace site of him drinking with teammates DeMarre Carrol and Julian Terrell. Apparently the folks at the Tennessean are surprised that a college basketball player engaged in underage drinking and would have the audacity to list Jay Z as his favorite rapper. I must admit to being fairly worn out with this stuff. I have met the writer in question, and lets just say.....I bet he engaged in these activities during his youth as well. Watching sports writers and administration officials engage in "holier than thou" stances about what young college athletes do is truly tiring and ridiculous. Guess what college students drink. And guess what else, basketball players are (in theory) college students. Thus they drink.....big shocker. And you know what else, if you dig a little further, I bet you will find out that they have women who want them at eleven.

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