Nashville's Catch-22: Tailgating vs. Broadway

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 8 years


tailgatevsbroadway Even in Nashville, we've been spoiled with an unusually mild summer, so of course it's going to be hot as Hades on Saturday. The forecast has the high in the low 90's, with the humidity pushing the heat index near 100 degrees. (There is also a small chance of rain, but the local forecasters aren't worried.) Word on the street is this is causing many of you to rethink your tailgating plans. Don't worry, I'm here to help you with this debate. Let's break down both options. Patriots Titans Football TAILGATING PROS -- Right next to the stadium -- The biggest gathering of UK fans before the game -- There will always be someone nearby with a flatscreen hooked up to watch the other games -- You can listen to the KSR Pregame Show on WLAP via your iHeartRadio app! -- Tailgate food > Bar food (in most cases) -- Fire -- Cornhole/football/redneck golf/all the tailgating games! -- You'll spend less on beer/food than you would at the bar CONS -- It's going to be really. really. hot. -- Sweat -- No air conditioning -- No live music (unless your tailgate provides that, I hear a few might...) dsc_0133 BROADWAY PROS -- Air conditioning -- Live music -- In some bars, more TVs to watch games -- Air conditioning -- Hot bartender at Legends -- You can use my flowcharts -- Air conditioning CONS -- Not exactly a "game atmosphere" -- Bar tabs can get really expensive, and even the cheap beer is overpriced -- Can't listen to Matt, Drew, Ryan, and Jared on the KSR Pregame show (unless you want to be that person in the bar wearing headphones) -- 10 minute walk to the game -- Your body won't be conditioned to the heat after sitting in the AC all afternoon (might be stretching on this one) CONCLUSION: Personally, nothing says college football more to me than tailgating, so I'll be in Lot A with my folks and friends sweating and getting ready for kickoff. There's always time for downtown afterwards. Did I convince you? It's not too late to get a parking pass. You can buy them on-site Saturday for $20 each. Or, who's to say you can't tailgate AND bar hop before? Either way, it's going to be awesome. If you're coming to Nashville, what are your plans for Saturday?

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