NBA is reportedly targeting September for 2020 Draft

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[caption id="attachment_255339" align="aligncenter" width="594"] Getty Images[/caption] It's going to be quite some time before Tyrese Maxey, Immanuel Quickley, and company finally hear their names called at the 2020 NBA Draft. According to multiple sources, the NBA is currently planning on holding the 2020 Draft sometime during September, with a reporter over at Sports Illustrated saying Sept. 25 is the target date. "Several league sources said the 2020 draft is expected to be pushed back from June 25 to September," Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote. "However, one high-ranking league source, said it will be impossible to conduct the draft in September. The official noted that, if all goes well, the league will still be playing late into September." At the time this article was posted, no finalized dates have been confirmed regarding the resumption of the 2019-20 season. However, the league has been adamant about finding a way to finish the year and more information is expected to be released sooner rather than later. July 31 is being viewed as the unofficial return date. As Pompey notes, a high-ranking source within the league believes the postseason will still be running through September, which would complicate the draft process even further, particularly any team still in play. Technically, the 2020 Draft is still scheduled for June 25, although it is expected to be postponed in the near future. Also, free agency is technically supposed to begin on June 30, but that will also eventually be postponed. The draft lottery and pre-draft combine, originally scheduled for May, were canceled earlier this month. Pompey notes that the NBA could decide to begin free agency before the season ends but that fans shouldn't expect to hear any solidified news on this front, as the league is focused on bringing back the current season before they address those issues. The NBA is reportedly considering starting free agency before the draft (it typically falls the week after the draft). The general consensus among most mock drafts appears to be that Tyrese Maxey will fall somewhere in the lottery, Immanuel Quickley and Nick Richards are second-round selections, and Ashton Hagans is the wildcard. Normally, we'd be preparing for the draft at the end of June. Instead, we still don't even know when sports are coming back.

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