NBA Scouting Report: Eric Bledsoe

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I'd use a 2nd round pick on Bledsoe's left arm alone. I realize that the NBA is the last thing we should be talking about right now at this point in the season, but, it's hard to ignore the attention Eric Bledsoe is receiving from NBA scouts.  Last week, it was ESPN's Chad Ford saying Bledsoe has the potential to go high in this year's draft, and, today, Draft Express has a lengthy scouting report on the Magic City native. Here's a randomly copied paragraph from DX's look at Bledsoe:
As a slasher is where Bledsoe shows the most potential as an NBA prospect down the road, as he has superb quickness getting by his defender, and is able to create his own shot either left or right almost equally as effectively. He’s absolutely lethal in transition, doing an excellent job of using his speed to push the ball up the floor in the open court, where he can finish himself or find an open teammate running with him. Most of his assists indeed come in transition, as Bledsoe does a good job penetrating unbalanced defenses and making simple reads in drive and dish situations, not appearing to be a selfish player in the least bit.
I check the mock draft websites regularly to see where I'm projected (so I can plan my move and budget my spending accordingly) and this is really the first mention I've seen of Bledsoe.  It caught me off guard to see a giant picture of him on the front page when I logged on.  He isn't listed on their mock first round (yet) but there is no denying the rising draft stock of The Eric Bledshow. Draft Express on Eric Bledsoe - Read it, discuss it, and then get back to living in the now. Go Cats.

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