NBA to allow guests into bubble, limited to family and those with "long-standing relationships"

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[caption id="attachment_303412" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] The bubble is getting a little bigger. ESPN's senior NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting there will be some additional guests entering the NBA's bubble in Disney World just in time for second round of the playoffs. Of course, there will be a lengthy process for these guests to be approved, tested and properly quarantined before they're allowed inside the bubble. The news comes after Wednesday's announcement the league once again has zero positive coronavirus cases from 342 players tested throughout the past week. Each second-round playoff team will be allocated 17 hotel rooms for their guests. The earliest guests could clear the quarantine process and join the players is Aug. 31, according to the memo obtained by ESPN. The NBA and NBPA have negotiated the broader inclusion of family and friends after the first round of the playoffs, essentially agreeing to replace the population of exiting teams with as many as four guests per player, plus additional exceptions for children. So who won't be allowed inside the bubble? For starters, there's this line, perfectly dubbed by Kyle Tucker as the "Instagram model clause." "Any individual the player has not previously met in person or with whom the player has had limited in-person interactions... [For example], known by the player only through social media or an intermediary." Wojnarowski also says the players' business associates won't be allowed, including agents, trainers, massage/physical therapists, personal chefs or tattoo artists. Sorry, Rich Paul. Because the playoffs will take place in Disney World, the league is apparently also using a 32-inch height requirement to decide whether or not someone qualifies as a child, as if they're preparing to hop on a rollercoaster? Because an age limit would be too... difficult? Personally, I'm excited to see who ends up in the bubble with these guys. Don't worry, Devin Booker - I've solved your guest problems. Here's the proof of one of Booker's “in-person interactions” with Kendall Jenner: Go ahead, DBook. Send that text. You’re welcome. [ESPN]

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