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NCAA approves preseason plan for football, summer calendar for basketball


As expected, the NCAA Division I Council has approved the six-week preseason practice plan that would lay the groundwork for college football beginning on time, along with the proposed summer calendar for men’s and women’s basketball.

The preseason football plan calls for strength workouts and film study with coaches beginning July 13 for teams whose seasons are set to start on September 5 (teams with season openers in Week 0 can begin one week before). Those eight-hour weeks will transition to two 20-hour weeks of enhanced training on July 24, including walk-through practices with a ball. Preseason camp will begin on August 7.

The Kentucky Football team has returned to the campus in phases this month, with only the newcomers still going through the screening process before beginning voluntary workouts on June 22.

For men’s and women’s basketball, coaches will be allowed to interact with their teams beginning on July 1, and on July 20, they can begin skill instruction. On the first day of school — August 17, in Kentucky’s case — athletes can begin out-of-season workouts. Preseason practice can start 42 days before the season opener, which in Kentucky’s case is November 10, so September 29. Here’s the timeline:

Remainder of June: Voluntary activities and up to eight hours of virtual non-physical activities (Kentucky’s team arrives back on campus next week)

July 1-19: Voluntary virtual non-physical activities, enhanced in-person non-physical activities initiated by athletes or coaches (team meetings, individual meetings and film review), weight training and conditioning. NO on-court practice activities. All virtual and in-person activities cannot exceed a combined eight hours per week.

July 20 – August 16: Required summer athletic activities, including eight hours per week for weight-training, conditioning and skill instruction (skill instruction cannot exceed more than four hours per week). Required virtual non-physical activities can continue during this period.  Virtual and in-person activities cannot exceed a combined eight hours per week.

August 17 – September 28: Out-of-season workouts. Up to eight hours per week for weight-training, conditioning and not more than four hours of skill-related instruction per week will be allowed. Athletes will be required to have two days off per week.

September 29 – November 10: Preseason practice. Thirty days of countable activities may be allowed over this timeframe.

In terms of basketball recruiting, the NCAA says the organization is delaying a decision regarding any temporary alterations to the men’s and women’s basketball recruiting calendars. The NCAA’s release says “members needed more time to consider the recommendations and get input from others” before making an official decision. The Council will hold a teleconference within the next few weeks to vote on the updated recruiting calendars.

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