NCAA coaches to be held accountable for staff's actions

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This does not apply to Boeheim and Bernie Fine. A new NCAA legislation will hold head coaches directly accountable for any rules violations by members of their staff. Gone are the days of "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" in the world of coaching. If an assistant breaks a rule, the boss will be just as guilty. From USA Today:
The document reads, "A head coach is presumed responsible for major/Level I and Level II violations (e.g. academic fraud, recruiting inducements) occurring within his or her program unless the coach can show that he or she promoted an atmosphere of compliance and monitored his or her staff." Any coach who is found responsible for the most serious violations under those guidelines will be subject to an entire-season suspension, according to the document. The new guidelines also state that beginning Aug. 1, 2013, men's basketball coaches can be suspended for violations ranging from illegal contact with recruits, giving team gear to prospects or impermissible benefits given by third parties if the coach knows the third party has a relationship with the recruit.
The NCAA is also encouraging head coaches to ask how an unofficial visit was paid for, and advises coaches to ask their assistants if they suspect a third party or a handler is involved in the recruiting process. No more playing ignorant for head coaches. Again, this does not apply to Jim Boeheim and Bernie Fine. [Document details new NCAA enforcement plan]

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