NCAA hands down punishments to UConn, Kevin Ollie

by:Mrs. Tyler Thompson07/02/19


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The NCAA just handed down punishments to UConn and Kevin Ollie for violations that took place during his tenure, but, unfortunately for us, it appears the Huskies’ 2014 National Championship is safe.

The Committee on Infractions put UConn on probation for two seasons and gave former head coach Kevin Ollie a three-year show cause order for failing to monitor his staff, not promoting an atmosphere of compliance and allegedly providing false or misleading statements to NCAA investigators. The violations themselves are pretty tame: pickup games exceeding preseason limits, a video coordinator counting as a coach and resulting in more than the allowable number of coaches, and a booster providing extra benefits to student-athletes in the form of offseason training sessions.

The NCAA agreed with the penalties UConn self-imposed back in January, which included a loss of one scholarship in the 2019-20 season. The committee also ordered the school to vacate any records from games in which ineligible players competed. Because all of the infractions took place in the spring and summer of 2016, UConn’s 2014 title is not affected. Bummer.

As for Ollie, after being fired by UConn in 2018 for just cause, he’s still fighting with the school to get $10 million he believes he is owed for the remainder of his contract. Good luck with that, buddy.

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