NCAA likely to keep shot clock at 35 seconds

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


rules-for-all After meeting last week to vote on allowing basketball teams to practice two weeks earlier, the NCAA is meeting again over the next two days in Indianapolis to vote on a number of rule changes. One that will likely NOT be approved? The motion to shorten the shot clock from 35 seconds to 30 seconds. CBS' Jeff Goodman cites sources that say there was not a lot of momentum to make the change, so Big 10 basketball, you're safe. However, Goodman's source did say that the following changes could be passed this week: -- Flagrant fouls for the swinging of elbows will now be at the refs discretion instead of automatic, and coaches will be allowed to ask refs to review flagrant foul rulings -- Like in the NBA, officials will now be able to check replays during timeouts to determine whether or not a shot is a three, but only during the first 36 minutes of the game as to speed up the flow of the game -- Referees will be able to review more plays during the final two minutes of the game, including whether or not a shot is a three, whether the clock has expired, or who has possession. -- The block/charge rule may be altered slightly to benefit the offensive player in that the defender would have to be set before the offensive player begins the upward motion of his shot. The source tells Goodman this is in an effort to reduce the number of charge calls. -- A shortened shot clock following a foul in the frontcourt -- A stronger emphasis on current rules regarding hand-checking and cutting I'll believe it when I see it. [NCAA set to vote on key rule changes; shot clock likely to remain]

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