Need-to-Know Wednesday is on a Quest for Enlightenment!

Need-to-Know Wednesday is on a Quest for Enlightenment!

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Friends, As one of the main focuses of this blog has always been Kentucky Basketball, NTKW thought it might take a moment today to share some fun facts about the game we all hold so dear. Therefore, after weeks of research, I'm pleased to present some interesting tidbits about the great game of roundball.
    Did you know…?
- The first basketball game was played in 1891 in Springfield, Massachuesetts. The players were naked because UNIFORMS WEREN’T INVENTED UNTIL 1892! - Dr. James Naismith, commonly given credit for inventing basketball, incorporated rules from a Canadian children’s game entitled “Duck on a Rock.” This is because Dr. James Naismith was a 6 YEAR-OLD CANADIAN CHILD! - The three point line was first used in 1933 in Ohio. It was only five feet away from the basket because at that time human beings’ arms hadn’t fully evolved and were only 9 INCHES LONG! - Among the first international players were teams from Argentina, Greece, Latvia and Portugal. Instead of calling it “basketball,” however, it was known by a GOOFY-SOUNDING FOREIGN WORD! - The first women’s basketball team was formed at Smith College in the late nineteenth century. IT WASN’T HOT THEN EITHER! - Early 1900’s barnstorming squads toured the country to promote the popularity of basketball. These events would consist of an intersquad scrimmage, an overview of the rules and a VEHEMENT ENDORSEMENT OF THE BULL MOOSE PARTY! -Donkey basketball never caught on as a recognized version of the sport, except in Polk County, Minnesota, where the Polk County Men’s Rotary Club plays this game EVERY YEAR TO SUPPORT CHILDREN’S EYE CARE IN THE COMMUNITY! - The 1982-84 Houston Cougars team known as Phi Slama Jama was originally conceived to snuff out Soviet Sympathizers. It was later decided that the group worked better as a BASKETBALL TEAM!! - Today, Basketball is one of the leading entertainment industries in the world, amassing billions in revenue. AND YOU STILL CAN’T AFFORD THAT POOL YOU WANT! There ya go, folks. Brief one today, but I hope it opened your eyes a little. Now, if you will, please move along and check out the video below and enjoy watching this reporter flounder and riff his way out of a piece. Sorry for the poor quality, but it's worth it. That is all.

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