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Firstly, This post has nothing to do with Tubby Smith, UK basketball, Minnesota Football, Dr. Scholl's gel inserts, or a man with a beard of bees. If you are looking for UK related content, please go to the next article, and for goodness sakes don't complain on the comments that you were 'duped' into 'wasting your time' reading this 'post' 'O''K'? Secondly, You will notice that your regular bringer of Need to Know News (like my alliteration there, Lord Byron?) is not the one typing this message--it is none other than I, Mosley--writing hack extraordinaire. Although Tomlin usually provides this information to you, he has (foolishly) entrusted me to deliver this week's information as he is on holiday in the Carribbean. In order to get this clip which originates from Caguas, Puerto Rico, Tomlin had to grease the palms of several government officials, infiltrate a street gang, and pull a sword from a stone. Having accomplished these tasks, he was then introduced to a 143 year old man and he relayed their conversation to me which I will now provide to you. Spanish version: ----- English version: Old Man: Donde esta la biblioteca? ----- I have been waiting for you. Tomlin: Mis pantalones son verdes. ----- Yes, I know. Do you have the info? Old Man: Me gusta mofongo y muletas kan kan. ----- Yes. You must warn the people. Tomlin: La nieve es bonita. ----- I shall. But warn them of what? Old Man: El gatito tiene cinco monos. ----- You will see. Beware the green one. I received the clip only tonight from Tomlin via aeromail and it is without further delay that I present your weekly dose of "Need to Know Wednesday". OK, one last delay: Please pay attention to the stellar police sketch rendering and don't forget that if you have encountered him, say "Yay".

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